Introducing a new guide for

Book Size  6” x 8”  -  44 Pages  -  Cover Photo:   Mother at 93

If you have found yourself in the role of caregiver for a loved one,

my hope is that this little book

will inspire you to be JOYFUL and CREATIVE

even in the midst  of very stressful and challenging days.

Honoring that your time together is more precious now than ever

can help you turn your caregiving into one of

the most beautiful and rewarding experiences  of your life.

I am keenly aware now of seniors I see out in public holding on tight

to the arm of a son or daughter, or loving companion.

And once again, I miss the warmth of my mother’s hand in mine.

Remember to walk slowly ... and cherish every moment.

I’ll share what may be helpful in taking a loved one all the way home.

~ Betty Armstrong   caregiver daughter

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